Patient Conveniences

Your Time is Valuable
Family Dental Care Montclair VAWe work to make your visits convenient and comfortable. We offer the latest dental technologies that will make your treatments less time-consuming. And you can be assured that we will give you our undivided attention to answer all your questions. We offer many ways to make it easy on you and your family:

Sedation Dentistry
Whether you have fear of any dental work or need extensive treatment, we can make your visits comfortable with sedation dentistry.

Bring the Whole Family
Kids of all ages love us! Whatever the age, we always give individualized attention and treatment to every member of your family.

For an Emergency
Anyone can have a dental emergency, and if it happens, we can help you the same day.

 Our Convenient Location
Emergency Dental Treatment Montclair VA
You will find our office conveniently located in the Montclair Shopping Center.

 An Extra Benefit
We provide wi-fi internet to make your visit pleasurable.

 New Patient Forms
Fill them out at home at your convenience and to ensure you didn’t leave out any important information.

 Financial Options
We will file your claim if you have dental insurance, and also see that you receive all the benefits to which you are entitled. For your payment, we accept most credit cards and offer a payment plan that is interest free.

We work to provide you with efficient, convenient dental visits. Call us today at (703) 897-0463 to see what we mean.

Dr. Gregg Kassan

Dentist Dr. Gregg KassanDr. Gregg Kassan is pleased to be able to offer beautiful smiles to his neighbors in Montclair VA and the surrounding communities.
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Why Choose us?

Dental Office Patient Conveniences We work to make your visits convenient and comfortable.
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